Senior High School

Admission Requirements


ENTRANCE EXAMINATION schedule for incoming Grade 11 is ONGOING.

Requirements for Test Scheduling:
  • Testing Fee Receipt of P100 to be paid at the Business Office.
  • Two Pcs. Recent 2x2 Colored Id Picture
  • Pre enrolment begins on March 2018 (Pre-enrollment fee of P500)
  • Enrollment will be on April 2018 (Downpayment of P1000 but only P500 for those who pre-enrolled.)

Requirements for Enrolment:
  1. Entrance Exam Result (Original copy & 1 Photocopy)
  2. Report Card (Original copy & 1 Photocopy)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original copy & 1 Photocopy)
  4. Birth Certificate (NSO/PSA) - (Original copy)
  5. ESC Voucher/QVR Certification
  6. NCAE Result (Except International Schools)
  7. Diploma (Photocopy)
  8. Two Pcs. Recent 2x2 Colored ID Pictures (White background)

  9. Course Offerings
    Academic Track:
    • ABM Strand (Accountancy, Business and Management)
    • STEM Strand (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    • HUMMS Strand (Humanities and Social Sciences)
    Arts and Design Track:
    • Arts Production - Visual Arts
    • Arts Production - Media Arts
    • Performing Arts (Music)
    • Performing Arts (Dance)

    Technical - Vocational Track
    • Home Economics
    • Industrial Arts
    • Informations and Communications Technology (ICT)

    Sports Track
    • Student-Athlete Enhancement
    • Practice Coaching
    • Practice Officiation and Tournament Management
    • Fitness/Sports and Recreation leadership.